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Here we explain what the best and basic yoga asanas and details about them in English and Sanskrit with photos are. Beginner Stretches and relaxes abdomen Strengthens spine and makes it flexible Relieves of stress and anxiety.

Dhanurasana is very effective in weight loss program. Men and women prefer yoga for a healthy life.

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This pose looks like a soldier in the position of war so it is called as Virabhadrasana Warrior Pose. Advanced Strengthens shoulders and neck Improves balance and mental focus Provides relief in stress and anxiety.

Yoga Asanas With Pictures And Names Pdf

This yoga pose, setu bandhasana strengthens the legs, back neck and chest. Yoga is a wonderful thing, and it must be a part of your lifestyle to have a happy and healthy life. Happy Baby asana of yoga for beginners as well.

It strengthens the back muscles as well as very useful for increasing height. We have to start physical exercising regularly in the morning and evening and control our eating habits too.

Yoga Asanas PDF Book in Hindi & Tamil with Pictures Free Download

This boosts metabolism due to which fat formation is prevented and is also helpful for indigestion. Avoid doing this asana during pregnancy, or you have neck or back problem.

Advanced Strengthens and tones chest muscles Enhances sense of balance Increases ankle and back strength. This Asana should be performed under strict supervision, or else it might cause serious injury.

Beginner Corrects seated posture Good pose to practice abdominal breathing Strengthens toes and feet. The pdf contains some types of yoga asanas which are not suitable for beginners, practitioners are advised to read the book carefully and maintain the order of asanas before practicing.

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Beginner Strengthens knees and arms Improves balance and focus Tones abdominal muscles. This asana is recommended especially for women after delivery to reduce belly fat and toning the abdominal-pelvic organs. This gives you a nice stretch and thus tones the parts. It stimulates the abdominal organs and cures abdominal problems.

With regular practice of this yoga exercise every day one can relieve pain in the lower belly and lower back. She is a great trainer and never falls short of sharing her insights with her followers in practising yoga. You can make this a part of the easy yoga for beginners list because it is really simple. Like other Asanas, even for this asana, it is essential that your bowel is empty. Practicing yoga asanas is found to be useful for improved flexibility, blood flow, kripal singh automobile book pdf build muscle strength and regulates your adrenal glands.

Always do warm up before beginning with Surya Namaskar. Make sure you are not pressuring your hands. This yoga pose is very simple yet calming pose which we can do in bed too. We sit for long hours while working and the spine is the first to get affected.

There is a great probability that if the asanas are done wrong, then it can adversely affect health. The pdf is available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada with pictures and images for weight loss and other problems.

You should not be doing this asana if you have migraine or headache problem. Advanced Improves wrist strength and hand grip Tones back of thighs and abdomen Enhances balance and focus. Naukasana helps to strengthen the lungs, liver and pancreas.

It also helps in reducing the fats in the specified areas of the body. Intermediate Enhances arm and shoulders strength Great for spine and neck Improves digestion and balances hormones. This type of yoga asanas is very helpful for digestion system and its proper functioning. You should have had your meal at least hours before doing this Asana.

While practice this pose our body looks like the shape of the camel so it is called as Ustrasana. Try to stretch right from the abdomen and tilt backwards to make a part of an arch. It strengthens your back muscle and cures back pain.

Beginner Stretches shoulders, abs and hamstrings Tones back and hips Aids in weight loss. It increases the blood circulation in the brain and improves the brains functions and memory. For this you will have to lie down on your stomach and now lift yourself up till your breasts and again from the back you have to twist back both your legs from the knees so that you can hold them. Intermediate Strengthens shoulders and elbows Relieves from upper back pain and stiffness Stretches chest muscles and helps breathe deeper. Advanced Improves digestion Provides relief in respiratory disorders Develops patience.

We have listed some of the best yoga exercises and positions with pictures that will help you perform them efficiently. It also stretches and strengthens the muscle of hips, thighs and ankles. Make sure you are doing this empty exercise stomach only. Beginner Provides relief in reproductive health issues Good for back pain Strengthens arms and back. It cures indigestion and constipation as well as reduces stress.