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Complete the Facebook Page Analysis form. Complete the online Blog Reflection worksheet. Willingness by students to use social media does not necessarily equate with all students being able to access the tool equally. Write a paragraph review of each article.

Then you will need to log in before you can read or post a message. Complete Blog Reflection worksheet. Once you press the submit button, I will get an email stating that you checked in.

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Read the Student Blogs page on the class wiki. Driving Sales with Pinterest. Following the guidelines provided in class, each team will complete a Group Project Report, summarizing the team's strategy for the small business guest. Complete the Blog Status Check form to let me know how things are going with your blog. Post a message to the class on the Discussion Forum.

Continue to tweet using the cs hashtag. Conduct a news search through Google news. You are held responsible for knowing what's on the syllabus and the other pages of the class Web site.

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If your chosen theme does not automatically show the About page, be sure to add a link to it in the first post. Advertise these videos on your blog, Twitter, and Facebook. All posts should include the tag cs, along with any other relevant tags.

Find two articles on Social Media Today. How might your professional use of Twitter translate to other platforms and media?

Gaining Insights about Your Facebook Community. Choose articles that deal with a facet of social media that appeals to you. Create a second board for something that interests you, or for items that are directly related to your blog. Then create a page off of it to help publicize your blog. With whom are they interacting?

Email required Address never made public. Visit it, and read the postings there. It's vital that you are able to come up with enough ideas for future blog posts. Add your critique to your homework log wiki page.

Teaching with Social Media

Carefully review our class Web site to acclimate yourself to the class Web site. With many third-party platforms requiring the use of real names, the ability of a student to use an alias or pseudonym may not be viable under the legal terms of the third party platform. Also be sure to give your video a meaningful title and description. We encourage you to follow additional accounts from this recommended list or others that you find. Are they using their accounts strictly with other educators or do they engage with communities or students?

Students who are unable to or unwilling to access the social media platform may feel they have no choice, or are being singled out unfairly. Social Media and Disasters. Instructor should provide class feedback on social media survey and diary as a way to provide students a foundation for reflection in subsequent tasks. In order to help, hull finance book pdf you need to come up with a list of at least ideas.

In addition to your first blog post, you should also create an About page for your blog to let readers know who you are, and why you are creating this blog. Also add your glossary entry information to your homework log page on the class wiki to let me know which terms you entered. Edit the class wiki Student Blogs page to include a link to and description of your blog.

Is the functionality you need available in an application either produced or licensed by the University that can support the same outcome? Advertise these pins on your blog, Twitter, and Facebook. What do you think was gained or lost? When thinking about using a social medium it is important to have a clear objective and understanding of how this medium will enhance or be a value-add to the course instruction. Would you have your future students technofast in some form?

Create a Pinterest account. Post your name, and links to your two boards to the Pinterest page on the class wiki.

Teaching with Social Media

Also, social media platforms may not support the assistive technology tools used by students who experience disabilities. You will create a Twitter account, and make frequent postings. You should write a reflection considering your experience with technofasting. Be sure to cross-promote your blog on your Facebook account and your Facebook account on your blog and Twitter feeds.

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