This value is subtracted from the headerRows value. Especially useful with Seam Mail. This will typically be a value binding expression. The most common case is to support right to left direction fonts.

Let's see if something better than above appears. The X value can be obtained by using the tag pageNumber. The answer to this question is very simple in the great docs, so I'm not really surprised the core devs do not answer this. So I don't understand during runtime how there's an implementation of the render method above for the Renderer instance? Description Displays a pie chart.

The templates are Facelets so you need that. The series tag is used to categorize a set of data with a series and apply styling to the entire series. Most uses of text should be sectioned into paragraphs so that text fragments can be flowed, formatted and styled in logical groups.

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Description The color component declares a color or gradient than can be referenced when drawing filled shapes. Description Displays a line chart. Please type your message and try again.

Perhaps Redhat should hire more engineers? If false, the chart is drawn as an ellipse.


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Below, you'll find the code. This capability requires some configuration. Additionally, it requires the use of the seam-ui package.

Several ways of specifying colors are provided. Header and footer declarations should appear at the beginning of a document. If you ask me, I prefer to get answers from other users with similar experience. What the hell is going on with this core dev team? Seam now includes a component set for generating documents using iText.

Well they do but it's with a paid developer subscription. Sections can only be used inside of chapters, but they may be nested arbitrarily deep. Gentlemen, I found a way of doing the job. So please let's not rant since they at least gave us this great framework. Description Displays a bar chart.


There should be one value for each column. The document store stores documents in conversation scope, and documents will expire when the conversation ends. Description Category data can be broken down into series. Don't know if is the best, el espiritu de las leyes de montesquieu pdf but here it comes. Images can be loaded from the classpath or from the web application context using the value attribute.

If set, no redirect will occur. Now Seam core has a new guy but one left.


At least not with the xhtml files you'd create with seam. Tables do not have the ability to span across multiple rows. Category data can be broken down into series. Description Displays a chart created in Java by a Seam component. Description The data tag describes each data point to be displayed in the graph.

The default value is inline. Header and footer rows can be declared, and the headers and footers will be repeated in the event a table structure spans multiple pages.

Lists may contain arbitrarily-nested sublists. Alternatively, the value can the positive or negative angle in radians.

But I found no class that extends this one. Document generation works out of the box with no additional configuration needed. Alternatively, pageSize can provide the width and height of the page directly. In landscape mode, the height and width page size values are reversed. Description Describes a stroke used to draw lines in a chart.

What is the problem you're trying to solve? Seam can use iText to generate barcodes in a wide variety of formats.

The space separated integers indicate the length of each alternating drawn and undrawn segments. Description Displays a barcode image. If no style is given, the list items are bulleted. To work, I would have to catch the event of the document closing.