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Select a user group, and save your entry. The organizational key can consist of elements from the enterprise structure and personnel structure.

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The infotypes that you included in the InfoSet are displayed in an overview tree on the left of the screen. The personnel area is only used in Personnel Administration and is unique within a client. This screen enables you to enter an authorization group. It is more effective and interest for new learners.

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To generate the InfoSet, choose. Not what you're looking for?

SAP HR Pdf study material

The personnel subarea is only used in Personnel Administration. Personnel areas are sub-divided into personnel subareas.

This screen also enables you to update InfoSets if, for example, the system contains new additional fields for specific key values. The order of the websites does not have any meaning. The rules and guidelines could be of a legal, pay scale and collective agreement, or internal nature. Groupings are used for validation of master and time data. We are providing sap sd online training.

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This answer has been deleted. Remember to regenerate the InfoSet afterwards. There is already lots and lots of material for reference.

Refer the link - abap-hr Try to search the forum before posting a thread. The elements employee group and employee subgroup could also be relevant in forming the organizational key. Unfortunately, usps notice 123 pdf most of them overloaded with annoying advertisements and sometimes are not very useful. Try to search the forum before posting a thread. Please try to keep it up to date.

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Company code The company code is the smallest organizational unit of external accounting in which a complete and isolated financial accounting can be created. Groupings are also used to check the plausibility of data that you enter. If you require further information on the corporate structure, please see the Elements of the Enterprise Structure section. This infotype is essential for authorization checks.

SAP ABAP Tutorial

For further information, see Functions for Managing InfoSets. This answer has been undeleted. Personnel subarea The personnel subarea is only used in Personnel Administration.

It also provides you with one or two examples of reports that you can execute using the appropriate InfoSets. Queries are maintained as described in Creating Queries. So, if you have not seen it yet, make sure to check it our before reading the current post.

To ensure that working with the InfoSet is as easy as possible, you are advised to restrict your use of fields in each field group to those you really require. The field groups are displayed in an overview tree in the top right section of the screen.

In each individual case, therefore, you must decide which database to select so that you can report on customer infotypes. The database you must use to create your InfoSet depends on the component in which the data you want to report on is stored.

In the standard system, each field group contains the infotype-specific fields. The following table describes the connection between the logical database, and the infotypes you can include in an InfoSet.

SAP HR Pdf study material

All of the queries that are subsequently created using this InfoSet can only be executed by persons who have this authorization group. Go back to the initial screen for InfoSet maintenance. This question has been deleted. There are different ways of fetching data from these infotypes.