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In the majority of cases, symbolic representation can be used to cut down the time needed to complete the drawing and improve clarity. Nomenclature of processes and reference numbers for symbolic representation on drawings.

Welding Print Reading

These symbols are shown in Fig. The arrow line can point in any direction as shown in Fig. It is generally the leg length that is specified.

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This will be simple for mild steel but more complex for low alloy steels, stainless steels and non-ferrous alloys. The two welds are on different joints, i.

Only the representation of a given weld on a drawing is covered in this book. The weld symbol is centred on the reference line see Fig. As shown on the top right, a V-groove weld symbol with a box above it indicates a backing strip or bar is required for this joint. The starting and finishing location are usually indicated on the print. These symbols are placed on a horizontal reference line.

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This could involve dye penetrant or magnetic particle inspection between weld passes, a procedure that the welding symbol alone could not indicate. This information need not be repeated in welding symbols and the information can include details of edge preparations, weld sizes, novelas harlequin para descargar gratis pdf etc. Welding Symbols on Drawings.

This practice should be used with caution to avoid a drawing with a minimum of weld symbols and a multitude of arrow lines criss- crossing the drawing. For round parts, sometimes the weld length is indicated in degrees. Back weld and backing weld The symbol is used for both a back weld and a backing weld backing run.

This is called the weld symbol not to be confused with the overall welding symbol. Faying surface The mating surface of a member that is in contact with or very close to another member to which it is to be joined. This practice seems slightly pedantic and it is questionable to what extent it is carried out. Fillet weld A fusion weld, other than a butt edge or fusion spot weld, that is approximately triangular in transverse cross-section. Glossary for welding, brazing and thermal cutting.

Other details of the welding symbol shown in Fig. The upper illustration shows a resistance seam weld requiring access from both sides of the joint.

This means the welds should be located at staggered spots on either side of the joint, as shown in the drawing on the right. These are the symbols for a spacer, a back weld or backing weld, melt through and consumable insert. It is approximately triangular in shape. The first part gives an account of the dynamic behaviour of the arc and its power sources.

Root face The portion of a fusion face at the root that is not bevelled or grooved. Stud weld A weld joining a metal stud to a workpiece, the weld being made over the whole end area of the stud. This shows a perspective and plan view as well as a cross-section, the latter indicating the leg length and throat thickness of the weld in the example illustrated.

Welding Symbols - An Introduction to Reading Drawings

What type of weld rod is specified? The strip or bar must be welded onto the back side of the joint before the groove weld is performed. In both cases the first operation is indi- cated by the reference line closer to the arrow. Vessel dimensions are in millimetres.

Weld symbol See welding symbol. Often, no length is indicated, which means the weld should be laid down from the beginning to the end of the joint, or where there's an abrupt change in the joint on the base metal. Once you master the basics, you'll be ready to absorb the many other particulars conveyed on shop drawings and blueprints.

The arrow line is never drawn horizon- tally because this would make it appear to be a continuation of the reference line, which is always horizontal. Here, the groove weld has dimensions written inside the symbol.

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Additional elements may be added such as weld sizes and lengths, welding process and non-destructive testing requirements, which all contribute to the welding symbol. What is the size of the specified weldments? The height of the root reinforcement may be specified by placing the required dimension to the left of the melt through symbol. The welding symbol for staggered intermittent fillet welds is shown.

For example, In the next drawing a fillet weld is specified on the arrow side. Flange ended pipe For the fabrication illustrated in Fig.

The location of the convex weld symbol is shown in Fig. The purpose of weld toe grinding is to increase the fatigue strength of the welded joint.