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Dans le cadre de l'utilisation d'un instrument de table avec agitateur, appuyer sur pour lancer l'agitateur. Quando la lettura si stabilizza, la freccia e la prima cifra inizieranno a lampeggiare. Once you have finished measuring samples, rinse the electrode with deionized water and blot dry.

The numbers on the top of the display indicate which pH Auto buffers were used in the last calibration. Misurazione Ossigeno Disciolto. Enter the temperature by pressing to adjust each digit and to move to the next digit. Press until is displayed on the bottom line. Per stampare le informazioni dell'ottica premere.

Orion Star A Conductivity Benchtop Meter

In the measurement mode, change each display line to the desired parameter and blank any unneeded lines. The meter will return to measure mode. Please read this manual thoroughly before using your benchtop or portable meter. If the products described in this manual are used in a manner that is not specified by Thermo Electron the protection provided by the equipment maybe impaired. Consultare il manuale dell'utente dell'elettrodo per le tecniche di conservazione appropriate.

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Fare riferimento allo schema nella sezione Collegamento degli elettrodi. See the Selecting the Measurement Parameter section for detailed instructions. Retaining this setting allows unlimited access by any user. Once the input has stabilized, will be displayed. Retire de inmediato cualquier sustancia derramada mediante el procedimiento de limpieza adecuado al tipo de derrame.

Press to print the selected option. The user must press to zero the probe. This can be useful with extremely long cables where cable capacitance could cause non-linearities due to the drive frequency change between ranges.

Press to scroll through the measurement modes. Repeat steps to edit time and date settings as needed. For a two or more point calibration, the meter will automatically proceed to the measurement mode after the slope is displayed. Use to set the desired resolution.

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Impostazioni Di Eliminazione Datalog. To perform a Probe Zero calibration, follow the steps outlined below. Una volta misurati tutti i campioni, sciacquare l'elettrodo in acqua distillata o deionizzata e asciugarlo. Verify that the cell type selected in the setup menu is set to Std. Appuyer pour revenir au mode mesure.

Verifique que la constante de celda sea la correcta para la sonda de conductividad conectada al medidor. Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Technique. Ne pas utiliser de piles lithium ou rechargeables. Select a location for the system and unpack the autosampler and meter components.

This also allows the user to fix the meter in one range. The waterproof portable meters can even withstand submersion for short periods of time. If a measurement line is not needed, press to move the arrow icon to the measurement line that is not needed and press until the measurement line is completely blank.

Los medidores pueden no incluir todas las opciones indicadas en esta tabla. Geben Sie die Temperatur ein. The cell constant will be displayed in the main field and the meter will automatically advance to the measurement mode. Page Bei stabilem Messwert blinken das Pfeilsymbol und die erste Ziffer.

Press to implement method and return to measurement mode or press to enter the setup menu for the selected method. Capitolo V Impostazione Del Misuratore.

Key Definitions If the arrow icon points to Turns the stirrer on and off. Cumplimiento De La Directiva Weee.

Thermo Orion Star User Manual

Once your are finished measuring samples, rinse the electrode with deionized water and blot dry. Verificare che il tipo di cella selezionato nel menu impostazione sia Std. Some magnetic stirrers generate enough heat to change solution temperature. Turning On The Instrument. Impostazioni Di Menu Generali.

See the Time and Date Settings section for details on setting this parameter. Press until the arrow icon is pointing to the pH measurement line. Die aktuelle Methodennummer wird angezeigt. Consult the electrode user guide for proper storage techniques.

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Page Le seguenti specifiche dei parametri dei misuratori sono valide per l'intera linea di misuratori Orion Star e Star Plus. Le stampate dei misuratori Star Plus sono state migliorate per includere ulteriori informazioni. Once all of the samples have been measured, rinse the conductivity probe with distilled or deionized water and blot it dry. The dissolved inorganics carry a current that is measured by the conductivity probe. Consult the conductivity probe user guide for proper storage techniques.

Thermo Electron reserves the right to ask for proof of purchase, such as the original invoice or packing slip. For benchtop meters, the installation of batteries is not required if the unit will always be connected to a power source via the universal power supply. Fare riferimento all'Appendice A per una descrizione delle funzioni speciali del menu impostazione. Set the date and time on the meter.

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Meters may not include all of the options listed in this table. Premere di nuovo per spegnere l'agitatore prima di rimuovere la sonda e l'agitatore stesso dal campione. Accensione Dello Strumento. Enter the temperature by pressing to adjust each digit and move to the next digit.

This user guide contains information on the preparation, operation and maintenance for the Orion Star and Star Plus meters. The Orion Star meters include the datalog view, interpretacion de diagramas electricos pdf datalog print and calibration log print features.

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