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All of the sealant is pumped into the tyre. The seat belt must not be Swivel the lever on the underside to twisted and must fit close against the reduce dazzle. It may be necessary to make changes that affect the cooling system, heat shields or other equipment. Front Seats Seats, restraints Front seats Active head restraints Head restraints on rear seats In the event of a rear-end impact, the Seat position active head restraints tilt slightly forwards.

It illuminates when the ignition is switched on and goes out shortly after the engine starts. Data on the replacement fuse must match the data on the defective fuse. Before refitting the wheel trim, clean the wheel around the retaining clips. Detach bulb housing towards the pressing on bulb holder tab. The procedure must be carried out for each door.

If the system is overloaded, the power The sun roof is raised at the rear. Air is directed onto the windscreen and the door windows. Washer Fluid Vehicle care Fit the cap on straight and tighten it. Plastic and rubber parts Plastic and rubber parts can be cleaned with the same cleaner as used to clean the body.

Opel Corsa - Owner s Manual - PDF ( Pages)

Page Climate control z Turn the temperature switch clockwise as far as it will go warm. Ensure that the bulb holder seal is outside of the bulb holder outwards and positioned as illustrated. Set using right rotary switch.

Have damaged components replaced. Close the flap and let engage. Pull out the ball bar downwards. Page Driving and operating Kickdown If F appears in the transmission display, continued driving is not possible.

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Making use of the tachometer helps to maintenance be entrusted to your Opel save fuel. We recommend that you entrust this work to your Opel Partner, who has proper equipment and trained personnel available. Page Technical Data Trailer hitch installation dimensions Removable coupling ball bar, passenger vehicle, hokkaido tourist map pdf van All measurements refer to Opel-approved towing equipment. Opel Corsa Owner's Manual pages.

The information contained in this publication is effective as of the date indicated below. Switch on electrical consumers e. Luggage Compartment Cover Seats, Interior Luggage compartment cover Do not place any heavy or sharp-edged objects on the cover.

2018 Opel Corsa - Owner s Manual (271 pages)

The retrofitting of electrical or electronic Make sure there is sufficient anti-freeze accessories may subject the battery to protection. The other doors can be opened by pulling the interior handle not possible if the anti-theft locking system is active.

The caps for topping up the engine oil, the coolant, the washer fluid and the oil dipstick handle are yellow, for ease of identification. After replacing the battery, unlock the activation door with the key in the driver's door Note lock.

When installing the new bulb, insert lugs in the reflector recesses. Have damaged components Triggered belt tensioners must be replaced replaced. If the brakes become hot, such as braking system. If the foot brake is not returns to the centre position.

If the driver's door is not closed properly, the central locking system will not work. The curtain airbag system, the belt tensioners and all driver airbag systems will remain active.

Jump Starting Vehicle care Jump starting In the Corsa van the spare wheel is Only mount one temporary spare screwed down together with the floor wheel. Manual Transmission Driving and operating Manual transmission Caution It is not advisable to drive with the hand resting on the selector lever. If the vehicle is switched to manual mode while the winter programme is active, the winter programme is interrupted. Belt untwisted across the body and insert tensioners can only be triggered the latch plate in the buckle.

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Do not touch the bulb glass with your bare hands. Exterior care Drive slowly. The emission of smells and smoke during this process is normal. The daytime running lights switch off when the ignition is switched off.

After having checked the tyre pressure, tighten the valve caps using the valve cap key. The transmission switches to automatic mode.

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Bulb Replacement Self-help, vehicle care Bulb replacement Switch off the ignition and switch off the relevant switch or close the doors. Warning Lights, Gauges And Indicators Instruments and controls Warning lights, gauges The portable ashtray can be placed in Speed warning the cupholders. All air vents are actuated automatically in automatic mode. Overrun cut- off is deactivated if catalytic converter temperature is high.

The filling valve for the liquid gas is behind the fuel filler cap. The bulbs are accessible from the Withdraw bulb holder from underside of the vehicle. With N, no gear is engaged. Warning Do not use the system if there are people in the vehicle! When the curtain airbag is triggered it The curtain airbag system consists of an z depending on the severity of the inflates within milliseconds and provides a airbag in the roof frame on each side.

When the fuel level in the tank is low, a message appears on the display. The brake system remains Fault in power steering system. Set the backrest rake so that you can easily reach the steering wheel with your arms slightly bent. Page Driving and operation Maintenance Have all maintenance work carried out at the specified intervals.

Do not lean on seat Lever pumping motion Press release button, adjust height, when adjusting. Page Climate control Air distribut. Page Driving and operation Check that the coupling ball bar is correctly installed z Green marking on the rotary lever is visible. The system is ensures better illumination of from rotation of approx.

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