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He, too, growled, savagely, terribly, voicing the fear that is to life germane and that lies twisted about life's deepest roots. It was not a heartening spectacle. Swiftness and certitude require strength, and the man had not this strength.

He felt that it lay off to the left somewhere, not far - possibly just over the next low hill. At the end of half an hour the pool was nearly dry.

He knew there were no seas or ships in the heart of the barren lands, just as he had known there was no cartridge in the empty rifle. He pulled himself together and went on, afraid now in a new way. There was no hurt in death. Again his gaze completed the circle of the world about him. The bear advanced clumsily a couple of steps, reared up, and gave vent to a tentative growl.

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He failed to pick up Bill's trail. It was like molten lead being forced into his stomach, and it was forced by his will alone. But the man had waited long, and the lacerated hand closed on the jaw. As he looked it snuffled and coughed again.

Then he returned and shouldered his pack. The man who followed slipped on a smooth boulder, nearly fell, but recovered himself with a violent effort, at the same time uttering a sharp exclamation of pain. It seemed almost that his stomach was dozing. The bottom of the valley was soggy with water, which the thick moss held, spongelike, close to the surface. He also began to use strips of the one remaining blanket for his feet.

The dull ache in his stomach had been growing duller and fainter. Stomach and nerves had gone to sleep. It was unreasonable that he should die after all he had undergone. There were still sixty-seven.

They were heavily burdened with blanket packs which were strapped to their shoulders. His joints were like rusty hinges. Then the water was too muddy to admit of his seeing the fish, and he was compelled to wait until the sediment had settled. Bill would have, though, had it been the other way around, he mused as he staggered on.

On the other hand, he knew all the time that the chamber was empty. He bore away to the left, stopping now and again to eat muskeg berries. He was calm and collected. The Strength of the Strong. Was it reality, after all?

There were no trees, no bushes, nothing but a gray sea of moss scarcely diversified by gray rocks, gray lakelets, and gray streamlets. But its fibers were tough.

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And as he recovered she recovered, fluttering out of reach as his hungry hand went out to her. In his excitement he fell in, wetting himself to the waist. That ship was a whaler, strayed east, far east, from the mouth of the Mackenzie, and it was lying at anchor in Coronation Gulf.

But he could never crawl those four miles. The sun was shining bright and warm.

His hands shot out - or at least he willed them to shoot out. He was quite sane, yet he hated those men at meal-time. He, as a man, no longer strove.

The fingers were curved like talons, but they closed on empty air. He threw stones at her and with one chance shot broke a wing. The man watched him go, limping grotesquely and lurching forward with stammering gait up the slow slope toward the soft sky-line of the low-lying hill. It was the pleading cry of a strong man in distress, but Bill's head did not turn. Michael, Brother of Jerry.

Its unfamiliarity puzzled him. It squirmed along the ground like some monstrous worm.

Love of Life

As he watched its flight he hated it, as though it had done him some terrible wrong. He was aware of vague memories of rain and wind and snow, but whether he had been beaten by the storm for two days or two weeks he did not know. In fact, sensation and emotion had left him.

The Jacket The Star-Rover. But at the crest he saw a shallow valley, empty of life. He was squatting in the moss, a bone in his mouth, sucking at the shreds of life that still dyed it faintly pink. It was the life in him, unwilling to die, que es el comportamiento humano pdf that drove him on.

They were unable to classify it, and, being scientific men, they climbed into the whale-boat alongside and went ashore to see. He counted them three times to make sure.

In the afternoon the man came upon a trail. The hunger pangs were sharp.

Love of Life Love of Life