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Our collection is growing every day with the help of many teachers. Why are there no guard towers or electric fences at the camp?

Holes by Louis Sachar Worksheet Booklet for Novel

This page has reading comprehension questions, reading activities, vocabulary worksheets, and a whole book test. Blog Newsletter Generators Monthly Contest.

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Students will write a few sentences to explain what happened in that scene. Learning is fun with Turaco Games - Practice and play now. Which boy from Group D hit Stanley in the head? Your students will read and review the vocabulary words from chapters with these printable cards.

Holes Reading Comprehension Bundle Over pages of reading comprehension and vocabulary materials for Holes. Why Swiss cheese has holes in it? Dig the holes while Stanley fills the canteens. Reading Worksheets Reading Comprehension Gr.

Go to work in the kitchen. Had to or they would get in trouble. Want to see correct answers?

Sir gave her a full debriefing. Fill-in-the-Blanks Generator. Don't feed the yellow spotted lizards. What was Katherine Barlow known for making that always won first prize at the county fair? That she studied each of their files.

Best used in conjunction with our blank Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension worksheets for flexibility. Worksheets that save paper, ink and time. If you would like to purchase only the set of materials for this book then continue by clicking the button below. Download and print reading comprehension questions, vocabulary activities, bookmarks, buku pertanian pdf and puzzles to use with the book.

Their names are on their uniforms. In this activity students will identify cause and effect by matching the cause to the correct effect.

Holes by Louis Sachar

Accepted him as a member of the group. Words include astonishment, spewed, quivering, drawl, and deposited. Pair up and dig the hole twice.

This sheet contains four bookmarks illustrated with a character from the story. The real life connector tells how certain parts of the story are similar to events that have happened in their life. Any other use requires permission from the publisher.

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Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram. Answers are included in the teacher guide. Sir that he wasted her time.

Can you find the words from the story hidden in the puzzle? These cards can be reused again if you laminate them. He is being mean to Stanley and the other boys. Zero preparation time required.

Punishes the boy and tells him to keep digging. Students will match each vocabulary word from the story to the correct definition.

Holes Worksheets and Literature Unit

All work on the same hole. His dad will never solve the odor problem of the sneakers. The truth about Stanley's incarceration is also revealed. What reason did Zero give Stanley for digging his hole after he saw the Warden?

Holes Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Bundle