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If the hood is not fully latched it could fly up when the vehicle is moving and block your forward vision. Each band is adjusted by a slider control with a detent at the mid-position.

Pull on the loops shown in the picture to fold down either or both seatbacks. The abrasions are similar to friction rope burns or those you might get sliding along a carpet or gymnasium floor.

Turn your steering wheel right and left to clear the area around the front wheels. It is important that the transmission fluid be maintained at the prescribed level using the recommended fluid.

If a properly rated fuse continues to blow, it shows a problem in the circuit that must be corrected. Your vehicle could move and injure you and others if it is not completely in P Park. Skipping will not damage the disc or the player, and play will resume automatically. Overloading of your tire is dangerous.

Corrosion is the result of deterioration or removal of paint and protective coatings from your vehicle. Make sure that the gas cap is tightened each time the vehicle is refueled. Exhaust gases can injure or kill. Windshield Wiper Blades Windshield Wiper Blades Clean the rubber edges of the wiper blades and the windshield periodically with a sponge or soft cloth and a mild non abrasive cleaner.

Turn the end of the control lever to select the desired wiper speed. Seat Belts and Pregnant Women We recommend that pregnant women use the seat belts throughout their pregnancy. Headlights, Parking Lights, Instrument Panel Lights Turn the end of the control lever to the first detent for parking light operation.

Select and press any numbered button without an illuminated light above it. Press the top of the Seek button once to move to the next randomly selected track. External Lock Cylinders Lubricate the external lock cylinders twice a year, prefer- ably in the fall and spring. Press the window switch past the detent, release, and the window will go down automatically. Turn the control lever for- ward to increase and rearward to decrease the desired amount of lumbar support.

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Recommended Shift Speeds To use your manual transaxle for both fuel economy and performance, linux facile pdf it should be upshifted as listed. Open the sunshade by hand when opening the sunroof to the Vent position. The changer will not random play between discs. Raising the vehicle higher than necessary can make the vehicle less stable. Fan and Air Conditioning Control Use this control to regulate the amount of air forced through the sys- tem in any mode you select.


Compass Temperature Display This display provides the outside temperature and one of eight compass readings to indicate the direction the vehicle is facing. Suspension Ball Joints Fluid level should be maintained at the proper level indicated on the side of the reservoir. After releasing the adjusting bar, apply forward and rearward body pressure to be sure the seat is latched. This shows that the system is arming.

Leaded gasoline will destroy the effectiveness of the catalyst as an emission control device. If you experience difficulty in playing a particu- lar disc, it may be damaged, oversized, or have theft protection encoding.

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First pull the hood release lever located under the left side of the instrument panel. These are the strongest parts of your body and can take the forces of a collision the best.

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This will prevent moisture and dirt from entering the valve stem, which could damage the valve stem. They will help you keep your vehicle operating at its best. Wash hands after handling. When replacing a blown fuse, it is important to use only a fuse having the correct amperage rating.

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Connect the other cable, first to the negative terminal of the booster battery and then to the jump start attach- ment of the vehicle with the discharged battery. This device may not cause harmful interference. Often, fluids such as oil, power steering fluid, and brake fluid are used during assembly plant opera- tions to ease the assembly of hoses to couplings. This may void your warranty.


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