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There are many types of electrical cables that differ in configuration, size and performance. Types of Electrical Cable. An electrical cable, also called a power cable, is an electrical unit that consists of multiple independent conductive wires. In Conduit wiring system, english important vocabulary pdf The conduits should be electrically continuous and connected to earth at some suitable points in case of steel conduit.

Space factor have to be put into consideration. Electrical conductors are commonly made of copper.

Casing and Capping wiring system was famous wiring system in the past but, it is considered obsolete this days because of Conduit and sheathed wiring system. It is often used as a transmission line between an antenna and a receiver e. They are used to connect home audio and video equipment, television networks and components of a local area network. Parts of Induction Motors. This method of wiring is universally used in wiring.

Cleat wiring system is a temporary wiring system therefore it is not suitable for domestic premises. This method is suitable for temporary installations and it is cheap. Prevention is better than cure.

The wires are commonly used to interconnect network devices. How to Calculate the Size of a Cable.

Commonly Used Home Wire and Cable

There are two different types of cables that are commonly used. There are three different styles of wire.

For medium to high power cables that carry high voltages, the conducting wires within the outer protective jacket may individually be enclosed in insulating sheaths. Gilani holds a Master of Business Administration in finance and an honors Bachelor of Science in information technology from the University of Peshawar, Pakistan. These cables are stranded to lower skin effects. It has water-resistant qualities and is sometimes resistant to other things like oil and sunlight.

The white color-coded wire sheath houses gauge wire. The phase or line conductors are looped either in switchboard or box and neutrals are looped either in switchboard or from light or fan.

We Care about Your Safety. If the conduits is hidden inside the wall slots with the help of plastering, it is called concealed conduit wiring. Turns of wire is an upper limit for wire with no insulation. Line or phase should never be looped from light or fan.

Types of Electrical Cable

Electrical cable types

The orange-colored wire sheathing is set aside for gauge wire. We can help you with your electrical wire needs. Now there is another colored sheathing that has more to do with installation areas than with wire size. Twisted pair cables are easy to install, flexible and inexpensive. The switch and light feeds are carried round the circuit in a series of loops from one point to another until the last on the circuit is reached.

Metallic conduits are made of steel which are very strong but costly as well. They are used for telephone cabling and to wire local area networks.

This cable provides connection and allows power stations, wired computer networks, televisions and telephones to work. This wire is really a conductor but is referred to as wire in most instances. These joints are made in joint boxes by means of suitable connectors or joints cutouts.

In other words, the electrical wiring system inside wall, roof or floor with the help of plastic or metallic piping is called concealed conduit wiring. Usually, armored cable is cut to length, but you may buy a precut length roll. If conduits installed on roof or wall, It is known as surface conduit wiring. Lead conduits are used in factories or when the building is prone to fire accident.

It has a woven copper shield that surrounds the insulating layer and is covered by an outermost plastic sheath. This type of cable is made up of one or more insulated wires that are sealed together by an aluminum Mylar foil or woven braid shielding. This wire count does not, however, include the non-insulated wire that is used as a ground wire. Conduit wiring is a professional way of wiring a building. Please you are doing a nice work online.

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Types of Electrical Cable

Your email address will not be published. The greater the number of pairs, the higher the resistance of the cable will be to external noise and cross-talk.

The greater the number of pairs, the higher the resistance of the cable to external noise and cross-talk. Below are some of the most widely used electrical cables. Yellow color-coded wire sheath encloses gauge wire that is rated for amp circuits.

Electrical cables types pdf

This has many smaller sized strands of copper and is also wrapped in a protective plastic coating. This cable consists of numerous pairs of insulated copper wires which are twisted around each other. Synthetic polymers make the outer jacket and protective, insulating material.

An Electrical Engineer's Vocabulary Words. The cables in conduit should not be too tight. This has bn of great help.

The cables were carried through the wooden casing enclosures. The conduit protects the cables from being damaged by rodents when rodents bites the cables it will cause short circuit that is why circuit breakers are in place though but hey! Bare wire is just what the name states, non-insulated. Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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