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Click Appearance and Themes and click Display. If you are using a mouse extension cable, disconnect it and connect the mouse directly to the computer. System and Battery Performance Optimization. If you run your computer at high system activity levels for extended periods of time and your battery is not charging, try running your system in Low Power Mode. After a long storage period, recharge the battery fully before you use it.

Only Dell, as well as the verification of appropriate functionality of the computer and all Dell- installed hardware. Specifications are correct at the date of publication and may change without notice.

Simply link straight to the Dell web site where you can order additional supplies online, or by telephone if you prefer. Lift the front of the system board out and away from the base plastics. So l vi n g Pro b l em s When the name of the appropriate driver appears, click Next. Dell Computer Corporation disclaims any proprietary interest in. Touch Pad or Mouse Problems Disconnect the mouse cable and check it for damage.

Defective unit must be returned. Your new network name appears in the Preferred networks area. Restricting airflow can damage the computer or cause a fire.

If your wireless network requires a key, enter it in the Network key field. The Wireless Network Connection Properties window appears.


The names of wireless networks that your computer can see are listed in the Available Networks area. Lift the top of the keyboard out of the computer base, and pull the keyboard out at an angle towards the display.

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You can do so by touching an unpainted metal surface. The time required to complete the setup depends on the size of the hard drive and the speed of your computer. Do not dispose of batteries with household waste. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners, which may contain flammable substances. Do not dispose of the battery along with household waste.

Plug one end of the S-video cable into the S-video connector on the computer. Contact your local waste disposal agency for the address of the nearest battery deposit site. Also, do not block cooling vents.

Use the drop-down menu to. Damage due to servicing that is not authorized by Dell is not covered by your warranty. No part of this document forms part of a contract.

Be careful when removing and handling the keyboard. Technician will be dispatched if necessary following phone-based troubleshooting.

Earlier versions of Dell wireless software may not contain the drop-down menus. Dell Dimension Owner's Manual pages. Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Computer Corporation is. Dell Inspiron Owner's Manual pages. Manual duplex is supported via the manual feeder and printer driver.

To prevent static damage to components inside your computer, discharge static electricity from your body before you touch any of your computer's electronic components. Depending on system activity levels, system performance may be reduced. Your computer uses an lithium-ion battery and a reserve battery. To avoid damage to the connector pins, press the keyboard connector evenly into the interface connector on the system board, and do not reverse the keyboard connector.

Yields vary with usage and environmental conditions. Battery Disposal Your computer uses an lithium-ion battery and a reserve battery. Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Just before unwrapping the antistatic packaging, curso de gaita pdf be sure to discharge static electricity from your body.

Earlier versions of the Dell wireless software may not contain the drop-down menus. Additional resources may be shipped with your computer.

Do not block, push objects into, or allow dust to accumulate in the air vents. Use of other types may increase the risk of fire or explosion. Perform this procedure only after you are certain that it is safe to do so. Ensure that all four securing tabs are engaged before trying to completely seat the keyboard. Turns on when Caps Lock is enabled.

See the Tell Me How help file for more information on standby mode. If you purchased a printer cable at the same time you purchased your computer, the cable may arrive in the computer box. Network Problems Be sure to get the name of your wireless network along with any special security settings from your network administrator. System and Battery Performance Optimization System Performance Overview System performance may be reduced under specific conditions to prevent automatic system shutdown and potential data loss. Safety Instructions continued.

Dell disclaims proprietary interest in the trademarks or tradenames of other entities used to refer to them or their products. Replace the memory module cover and screw. Protecting Against Electrostatic Discharge Static electricity can harm electronic components inside your computer. Documentation and drivers are already installed on your. The keycaps on the keyboard are fragile, easily dislodged, and time- consuming to replace.

Your network setup is complete. Press the power button to exit standby mode. You also need the Drivers and Utilities for your computer to install the drivers and utilities on the new hard drive. After the information has been copied, the Completing the Collection Phase screen appears.

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Select printer model, enter your payment information and your toner is ordered. When Working Inside Your Computer. Turns on when the numeric keypad is enabled.

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