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His face shone like the sun, and His garments became as white as the light. Father Seraphim Rose once wrote that nothingness, in the meaning that Lao-Tzu gives it, is the point of convergence, or axis, of the universe.

On the mountain of Tabor, however, Christ opened the spiritual eyes of his apostles to let them see it, and they beheld it as light. So the title of the book means, the book of the Tao and the Te.

We will begin at the beginning. The new revelation affected the destiny of the whole cosmos. This book is truly an incredible read. As more and more people fall away from evangelical fundamentalism in search of something genuine, they find themselves looking to Catholicism and Orthodoxy.

Deep and far-reaching is mysterious Te. Having taken human form, the Tao, or Logos, made the personhood of God far more tangible than it had ever been known before. The realization of this creator principle was, of course, not new with Lao Tzu. So that would be a key to your question about what Lao Tzu would regard as virtue.

In his dwelling he is like the earth, below everyone. He had acted in accordance with the Way, the Tao, in accordance with the divine Logos. The full development of spontaneity results in forgetfulness.

No longer did he feel the need to assert his individuality, or to strive against others for rights and privileges. He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not.

Christ the Eternal Tao, then, is an assertion that the Tao that Lao Tzu was trying to get to know was, in reality, Christ, although he had no way of knowing. All things depend on it for life. In other words, because the Tao is self-existent, self-sufficient, and conscious of no wants, it can create, give and sustain life, and at the same time, seek nothing of its own. In so doing, he had also brought the meaning of human personhood into sharper focus than had previously been known. Despite these experiences, there was still something missing in the soul.

But when he departed from the Way, he fell to love of himself, and to desire for created things. There must, therefore, be an organizing power which orders, as for example, in the seasons. As Ji Ming Shen makes clear, however, this interpretation is far from the real meaning of nothingness in Lao Tzu.

Christ the Eternal Tao (book)

Before the coming of Christ, Lao Tzu attempted at reconciling himself with the unknowable overarching objective truth in the universe. The final end of man is eternal union with God through Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of the unoriginate Father, the Way and Word of God, who became man for our sake. The very fact that Christ was sent into the world by the Father, shows His obedience to Him. When you become the valley of the world, pdf on data mining and data warehousing eternal grace will never depart.

Christ stands at the axis, and there in the space where there is nothing, we find not an impersonal void, but the personal heart of the selfless, self-forgetting God. This was the very Tao that Lao Tzu had said no one in the world was able to understand. For although the Tao is infinite and indefinable, it remains in the realm of existence with particular things. As Ji Ming Shen says, the Tao forgets itself and its own existence, being totally spontaneous and selfless.

Having laid the foundation by looking at the state of man before and after the fall, that is, his departure from the Way, let us turn to Lao Tzu, the ancient sage who taught the return to the Way. My Priest-Brother recommended this. Less than two years later, he was at Fr Seraphim's bedside at his repose.

Christ the Eternal Tao (book)

As stated earlier, Lao Tzu did not experience the personal union with the Tao that man had known before the primordial departure from the Way. The principle of seasons, from which the seasons proceed in an orderly and never-failing fashion, must exist before the seasons, themselves. He became man so that we could experience, throughout eternity, a full participation in Him through His uncreated energy.

And yet, the Tao, having never in the slightest departed from the Way, for how could the Way depart from Himself, was wholly undeserving of the sentence. He became man so that we could forever dwell in Him, and He in us.

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He knew no mental distraction. One of the first Greek philosophers was Heraclitus. People of the modern West have to a great extent become jaded by Christian terminology and doctrinal constructions, yet many of them are drawn to the person of Christ Himself.

Have read this several times over the years. They are nourished, developed, cared for, sheltered, comforted, grown and protected.