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Priority, Preempt, Timers, and Interface Tracking. Video requirements depend on whether it is a one-way stream or an interactive video session. Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. Values are in seconds unless the msec keyword is used.

Without a core layer, the distribution switches must be fully meshed. It defines a broadcast domain. Application flow influences link bandwidth. Attempts to send traffic out in a steady stream at a specified rate. Provides access to the network for servers and storage units.

Their network requirements vary, with voice having strict jitter needs and video conferencing using high bandwidth. We don't recognize your username or password. Those devices must be configured so they fail between devices, or links, quickly. Modern converged networks include different traffic types, each with unique requirements for security, QoS, transmission capacity, and delay. One network to provision and manage.

They have redundant, fully meshed links to redundant distribution switches, which, in turn, have redundant links to redundant core switches. Test the voice implementation thoroughly before converting users to it. It might not traverse the core at all, if the users are local to each other.

However, using this lab manual, you will find yourself analyzing, configuring, testing and troubleshooting in almost every lab you do. This is a lab manual to help supplement and enhance Cisco Networking Academy material. Cisco has equipment appropriate to each component. It's all logically and intuitively laid out to maximize knowledge and minimize confusion.

Port channels if the other side is Auto or Desirable. Actively negotiates trunking with the other side of the link. Redundancy Redundancy attempts to eliminate single points of failure by providing duplicate devices and links.

Each nonroot switch must now select a root port. It is for access user ports only. Table lists components and equipment.

But the configuration is done on the controller. Two stack member switches uplink to the distribution switches. They are susceptible to interference, multipath distortion, and noise. Port channels if the port on the other end is set to Desirable.

Second, having secondary paths is good preparation for inevitable link failure. Please see page for more details.

This helps ensure clear lines of responsibility for the different segments of the network. This is a Unidirectional Link. Server farm access must also be securely controlled to deny unauthorized users. You can have a maximum of groups.

CCNP SWITCH 642 813 Quick Reference

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Using products certified by this program ensures full functionality of Cisco enhancements and proprietary extensions. Use root guard and bpdu guard commands to prevent this.


Make sure the cable, network adapter, and switch port are good. Add redundancy where it will have the most impact on availability, in the core of your network, data center, or e-commerce module. Connecting a switch to two ports that have Port Fast enabled.

CCNP SWITCH Quick Reference - PDF Free Download

Ccnp switching lab manual ver pdf. Ccnp switching study guide exam with cd rom pdf. Some Cisco switches enable you to use the following command on that interface. This course teaches students how to implement, monitor, faac 615 pdf and maintain switching in converged enterprise campus networks. It is enabled on ports other than the root port and on switches other than the root.

Cisco Networking Academy CCNP SWITCH Lab Manual

Multicast traffic must communicate back to the routing process and possibly call upon a Rendezvous Point. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company.

Students will learn how to plan, configure, and verify the implementation of complex enterprise switching solutions. Share a link to All Resources. Determining whether a specific type of traffic is within preset bandwidth levels.

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However, sometimes a cable is intact enough to maintain keepalives but not to pass data in both directions. There is no need to include the name when deleting. Access switches can load balance traffic across both uplinks. Router forwards packets on behalf of the virtual router.

CCNP SWITCH Quick Reference - PDF Free Download