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Enter the year and starting month. Choose Sunday- or Monday-first.

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Add your own events or holidays easily. Popular Calendar Template Pages. Shading was added to the objects to make the elements of the calendar look like they are floating above the paper. Download Black Download Blue. More Blank Calendar Grids.

2019 Monthly & Yearly PDF Calendar Templates

Blank Calendar with Days of the Week - Landscape. Other calendars for Looking for a calendar in a different style or layout? Please contact us for commercial use of our calendars, suggestions and ideas for improvement, guide prestashop 1.5 pdf mistakes found in the calendars and any other concerns. Calendar Templates Calendar Calendar New! This theme-enabled blank monthly calendar template allows you to change the color and the fonts used in the calendar by simply selecting a new theme in Excel.

Printable Birthday Calendar. Monthly Calendar with Holidays. Free to download and print. Monthly Calendar - Large Print.

This screenshot shows the Monday-Sunday format. Your use of this website indicates acceptance of the Terms of Use. Weekly schedules Birthday calendars Blank calendars Perpetual calendars Perpetual photo calendars. The grid for this calendar was created using a bunch of shape objects in Excel. Need a truly blank calendar - a calendar page without any numbers or month names?


The calendars have both the month name and the days of the week listed at the top in either the standard Sunday-Saturday or Monday-Sunday formats. They have some creative ways of displaying the month names, and allow you to fill in the days of the month. Prints only the outline for the days of the month, so you can stamp, color, or write in your own days as you see fit. These word documents also play nice with other office applications like OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Google docs.

In both formats, the days with the light background shading are Sunday and Saturday. Moon Phase Calendar Template. Monthly Calendar Template.

Perpetual Calendar Template. Quarterly Calendar Template. United States version with federal holidays. If so, you found the right page. Customize your own list of meals to populate the drop-down lists in the planners.

Choose the year, start month, and starting weekday. Not for commercial distribution or resale. The screenshot shows the red version.

Appointment Schedule Template. Legal Stuff Free Blank Calendars. Printable Daily Desktop Calendar. Browse our collection of free printable calendars and calendar templates. Download this editable monthly blank calendar schedule template with prior and next month and large box grid.

Download Blue Download Gray. Personal Planner Template. Blank Calendar with Days of the Week - Portrait. Please visit respective pages to download or print those.

Yearly and month calendar in one workbook. Continuous Monthly Calendar. Great for project planning. Yearly Schedule of Events.

All printable blank calendar templates available for free. Blank Calendar Grids Compatible with -.

2019 Monthly & Yearly PDF Calendar Templates

Calendar for Year 2015 (United States)

Add birthdays and other events. Birthday Calendar with Ages. It is available in both Sunday and Monday-first formats. Click on a holiday to receive more information about this event.

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