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Psychological manipulation to somehow force the spectator to name a certain card or number is one such method. In both versions he holds up and fans out the cards before setting them down and not touching them again.

David Blane does a good version of a trick like that by offsetting a single known card in the deck and riffling at the right speed. This causes all of the cards to stick together as pairs. Not really for me, but great to see a legend perform. After they randomly pick a card, turn the deck don't flip it, rotate!

The berglas effect- How is it done

They'll say your trick is reading their eyesmind. The trick is done looooong before any cards are counted out. There is I suspect a mathematical likelihood of females selecting a certain card e. The cards are counted and either dealt face up or face down. Questions about this product.

However, I have provided the resources for you to begin researching The Berglas Effect. Plus its a television show after all. It's interesting, because by all means, it looks completely impossible.

The magician will be aware when the number and card named are an impossible match and can employ an alternate trick. And he never touched the cards! It just seems unlikely, although i suppose it is the simplest explanation.

Had it open the moment I received it. They seem shifty, he handles the cards very well for someone who is just filling in a part of trick. To greatly oversimplify, it relies on a fantastic use of memory. No, create an account now.

Email required Address never made public. No real amazement that anyone should have seeing this card come up.

There is always an accomplice. Do you already have an account?


Just too slick and well performed for a random person to pull off. To the magician who is familiar with the intricacies, methodologies and secrets of illusion, it is impossible. Wrt the magicians, well, they're in on it too. Related General Discussion News on Phys.

Berglas Effect

Berglas Effect

Berglas Effect

Is it in video format anywhere? Following on from this theory, there would exist an order of likelihood of cards being named. Using psychological force to make the spectator count the cards from the top or bottom of the deck will double the chances of a successful trick. As the cards are counted down to the precise number, there is a pause before the final card is revealed. It is not copied, inspired, or learned from any other resources.

The Berglas Effect is widely considered amongst magicians to be the holy grail of card magic. The number seven is mentioned here purely as an example of a psychologically berglas effect number that most magicians are familiar with. Any card that lay in those fortunate berglas effect, he could reveal instantly. The basic principle is in there, iso 13408-5 pdf but that isn't the whole book. This set is for fans and jazz fans.

The British Magical Society is the oldest magic club. Both halves are placed together leaving berglas effect enormous bridge in the centre of the pack. Here is another example of a revelation that David has used. Multiple spectators think or name cards and he finds them. The Berglas Effects Last Word.

Berglas Effect

The berglas effect- How is it done? Close examination of his videotaped performances proves him to be a highly skilled and well practiced card manipulator of the traditional sort. After x amount of time, the adhesive dries on all of the cards. The result is that he tells you to think of only one card, but only one seems to be visible during that time.


It said the first person wasn't a stooge. Berglas approaches to my magic. As a fan of Jazz music, this is a very similar style based off improvisational techniques. Somebody else in the audience calls out a number. The deck is available for viewing prior to the trick the cards are not touched by the magician.

He may be able to suggest the number in a similar fashion. Have a question about this product? But now the deck is loaded for the next one to be a hit. It does have the drawback of the magician stopping the spectator counting the cards for e.

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