Balvenie 25 y single barrel, de whisky s van balvenie

Fantastic - just opened a good bottle from a good friend, with a good friend - not disappointed! She enjoys bourbon mostly and during the house hunting process we often discussed whisky and I told her she needed to try scotch. The Double Wood is light and drinkable, an ok starter Scotch. Sweet and spice mingle to form a harmonious ending, which I would not have expected after the nose and the palate. By the time you're half way through this you'll be really enjoying, I know I did.

Balvenie 12 jaar Single Barrel First Fill

  1. Coats tongue pleasantly but not in a chewy fashion.
  2. The taste, however, is a bit strange, herbal notes surrounded by sweet malt.
  3. While it sits you can pick up undertones of almonds, honey, vanilla, tannic oak, cedar, heather, and some pepper.
  4. This is a surprisingly good dram, and the only detractor I could find is the abrupt finish.
  5. Less pepper, more rounded mouth feel.
  6. It was like a nutty sherry.

Then, one Evening I visited my friend Kfir, and he offered me dram. This said, I'm more interested in other whiskies these days. Earthy, minerally and a light peaty vapour along with apricot and orange zest when uncut then a faint apple and pear added when splashed with water. Definitely no water required.

Well balanced, modest Oak flavor up front with obvious vanilla, gives way to fruit and finishes with very obvious honey. You can also smell the spices. Now I have had doublewood many times and it is great but it is also overpriced here in the states now and since its the same price as this figured this was a better value and wow was I right. But often enough that I think I can review it. Skip to the end of the images gallery.

The Balvenie (15 year) Single Barrel Cask 201
Balvenie 25 jaar

Ugh, this is not what I look for in a single malt whisky. It means that the individual characteristics which arise in a given barrel are present only in the or so bottles which are filled from that cask. Whereas the year is exclusively from an ex-bourbon barrel, the DoubleWood contains some portion of whisky aged in ex-sherry casks. Victor Thank you for the advice!

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Besides having dusty wood aromas and flavors, this spirit has a sweet bananas-foster flavor. So much going on in this whisky. Best with a teaspoon of water. With water the citrus notes become far more pronounced and balance the sweetness.

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Adding a dash of water to the glass causes it to open up like a flower. Pity I re-gifted the second, and better, bottle before tasting it. The addition of water only increased the bitterness and mold flavor although it did provide the nose with some nice additions I couldn't put my finger on. It is nice, but it is definitely a put-down after such a promising, interesting nose.


Once you reach that stage, you are ready to try The Balvenie again. Hi Jonathan, Usually only one or two casks are available at a time, since Balvenie releases them sequentially. Bijzonder aan The Balvenie is dat ze hun eigen gerst verbouwen en mouten op hun eigen traditionele moutvloer. In the year, you have a slightly elder and somewhat smoother malt that showcases the qualities of that single carefully chosen barrel. That said, I drank my single malts with ice for about five years before I graduated to neat.

Easy to find here in the states - Trader Joe's has it. Even then, the taste is much more full and rich with light spices and salty, vanilla-honey-light tropical fruits. Yes it is very oaky but extremely unique. What you end up with is a very straightforward, reliable year in the DoubleWood, with added dimensions of fruit and sweetness from the sherry. It's very aromatic, smooth and pleasant whisky.

My first taste of anything from Balvanie. The fact that not all the barrels go into sherry butts along with the moderate time in sherry butts gives the Double Wood a lighter sherry note. Vanilla, fresh fruits and a bit of spice.

The Balvenie 25 Years Single Barrel Traditional Oak Whisky Spirits By Post

Not bad, but nothing to write home about either. This is a light-coloured whisky with surprisingly complex and unusual flavour. Gentle tinged of orange marmalade as a light spread. Add to cabinet Add to wish list. De rijping vindt plaats op refill vaten, first-fill ex-bourbon en first-fill Oloroso sherry.

The Balvenie Scotch Single Malt 25 Year Single Barrel

Andere interessante whisky s

Balvenie 25 Year Old Single Barrel Traditional Oak Whisky - Master of Malt

Loved the nose and very well balanced taste. The interaction between the wood and the atmosphere is the least understood of the mechanisms of maturation, and some say the most important. When i was offered a dram I would say, no. There is a good balance to this malt for what it is, partnervermittlung a Sherried scotch.

The finish is really persistent and spicy. Mostly agreeable but I found this rather underwhelming as an experience. Into my trusty glencairn it goes and let's see what we can see. The nose is quite incredible, pure and clean bourbon oak characteristics. The finish is of medium length and quite pleasant.

Rich creamy texture with notes of sweet malty cinnamon, pepper and ginger. Where the nose is quite complex and would give you the feeling this is a rich, full bodied dram, you could end up getting disappointed. Real great new product of D. It has enough sherry to muddy the other flavours on delivery and finish, but not enough to establish a rich full sherry flavour. This dram makes me want to be a bee in the next life.

And I mean it in a good way. You could keep on nosing for minutes before taking the first sip, and to be honest this is when you reach the climax of this dram. Very mild and light finish, single plattform so this seems like it would be a very approachable and universally enjoyed Scotch.

It's body is a bit watery and sweet. Personally, I find that whiskies with great noses, but average body and taste, can be made excellent, by taking a big lungful as you take a sip, and not to leave it on the tongue too long. Basically this is a good dram for beginners while connoisseurs can still learn a thing or two. But overall this single malt is not upto Balvenie's usual high standards. Here, we can slightly detect the aftermath of the Sherry wood.

The chemical changes must have occurred recently because I have sampled this bottle many times previously and never much liked it. If you can't abide some burn, then water it down at your own risk. The taste of oak fills your mouth, with nutty undertones at times and a slight sweetness that kisses at your palate. So close to the P-word rhymes with Gerfect that I am beside myself admitting that yes, polyphonic spree new single the whisky was initially sharp on the nose and briefly on the palate. Each is also hand-numbered and labelled with the cask reference number.

De whisky s van Balvenie

Some of the lighter flavors have to be sought out. It is palatable for those who aren't looking for something smokey. At the death, the oak comes to beg for another sip. Very, very deliberate cask-work takes a bow soon to the malt's honeyed sweetness.

Balvenie 25 year old Single Barrel

If you're looking for a complex whiskey that is extremely smooth with a very strong unique woody flavor this is the whiskey you're looking for. Interestingly, on passing the core of the Double Wood's palate is of light smoke, with complimentary sherry notes. Not nearly as sweet as many other scotches in its price-range e. This was a great introduction to a rich, deep smokiness from the double wood, it did not disappoint.

Literally, perfumey notes of wildflowers, clover, lilac, rosemary blossom, and peach blossom rush out of the glass. Certainly not a sherry bomb nose, but some lovely fruits do present themselves. The finish is primarily the fruits, cinnimon and vanilla, and is pleasantly sweet. It was really nice, but it gave way to a sort of syrupy, candied, sweeter smell.

Straw and heather develop, and the anise is joined by nutmeg. Let me preface this by saying that this is a favorite of mine, single urlaub cuxhaven I love this whiskey. Licorice notes are rarely as pronounced as they are with this nose. Vervolgens is de whisky tijdelijk in Portugese wijnvaten gehouden. De whiskyproducent is inmiddels uitgegroeid tot een populair merk.

  • No one is forcing us to buy expensive whisky.
  • The only thing that was reasonably satisfying was the well-balanced ending, whereas both nose and palace were disappointing.
  • However I think a smokier finish could have gone a long way to improve its woody character.
  • And she did, and she enjoyed it, but she's still a bourbon gal.
  • Creamy vanilla ice cream drizzled on top of a toffee apple.
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