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We don't need the repetition. The book is basically broken up into two segments.

It lacked purpose, plot, and substance. After having finished reading the book I felt something was missing, it was good but it was only a few steps from being great. This book I could barely tolerate. Especially because it ended like every other book. It really has boiled down to just sex and rehashed sex scenes.

Marshal Anita Blake is on the job with the rest of the team. Hit List was the end of Anita Blake for me, after reading this series for the better part of a decade, so check out my review of it to see why I'm not reading Kiss the Dead.

Then she went home and chapter after chapter after chapter of really dull sex and relationship drama began, totally downhill until the last few very short chapters that sum up the case. Every man loves her, even if she doesn't quite love all of them.

Seriously, when will the focus stop on fucked up relationships and each boy's drama? In case people were confused about what Mary-Jane style stiletto heels look like. She is really getting bad about repeating herself.

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There are tedious descriptions of the color of her lover's eyes, how well she can perform fallatio, and how she is use to being the smallest person in the room. And pointless, endless descriptions!

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How's that for characters growing and developing? That, and I'm caught up on Black Dagger Brotherhood, which at least combines sex with an actual plot. Heave a tired sigh and walk away.

All though I must adm I have waited a long time for this new installment in Anita Blake series. For those unfamiliar with the series, know that this is one of those series where you definitely want to read the books in the order they were published. This is pretty much the highlight of the book, there isnt much conflict elsewhere. Kiss the Dead By the way, if you're not up to date with the series, stop reading now. Quotes from Kiss the Dead.

It just giggled me, and I was starting to own the things that made me happy, not because it made sense, or was horribly important, but it was just a happy. Angst about what she did to Nicky. Despite my whining I will read the next one too.

Everything in between the summary above was pure waste of space. Not the physical sex, but the emotional connection. Richard doesn't make an appearance but he is talked about so we do get an update. Is this some kind of trashy reality show? Shameful, but it doesn't surprise me at all.

Nothing was clawing, in or out. And how he hides behind his hair. You learned each other's hot buttons, the places that hurt, or angered, when you pressed them. Because of that the story can't help but crash and burn, but not exactly for the reasons you'd think, and it actually has a few redeeming features.

For a woman who keeps telling the readers how much like a guy she thinks, Anita sure doesn't demonstrate it. It is loosing the intensity it used to have and all originality is gone. Or maybe they did and that's what set them off. He is constantly hurting others and then asking for forgiveness. Asher becomes a passive aggressive jealous abusive whiny bitch.

They value their ideal of freedom beyond anything the rest of us would dream of. Anita has more emotional swings than a teenager invited to homecoming by their crush. Which she wins, because she is so much tougher than those big huge men, even though she's just this teeny tiny woman!

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The world leaders, and military, would never allow such conquest now. We all know how You know what? The central conflict in this story was laughable at best. The question was, had it been clawing to get in, or get out?

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This book is extremely heavy on the narrative. Well, I have already invested so much time and efforts in this series. It started off so well, I was happy to be reading about Anita working again and the case was interesting and so damn hopeful that the series had found some direction and balance again. Hamilton, alleged native English speaker. New villain is old and more powerful than Jean-Claude in the way that he can't be detected.

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In between, sales promotion essentials pdf the book was all about Anita seeing her men and having sex - lots of it. And this is the conflict that fuels most of the wangsting Anita does. The first part mainly deals with the rogue vampires and it's not till the second half when Anita goes home that we get some boyfriend time.

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But they are never show so it's all just a cock tease again. Anita's been there done that and will do it again. Anita and sex with her men portrayed in the usual way.