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Mechanical installation instructs how to move, libro el alma de la toga pdf place and mount the drive. Control panel mounting platform Drive in the fault state.

Make sure that it is safe to apply voltage. The required air inlets in the floor are as listed below. Conduit Conduit Where conduits must be coupled together, bridge the joint with a ground conductor bonded to the conduit on each side of the joint. Connection Procedure Connection procedure Turn the main switch-disconnector into open position or rack the withdrawable main breaker out. Calculating the rise time and the peak line-to-line voltage The peak line-to-line voltage at the motor terminals generated by the drive as well as the voltage rise time depend on the cable length.

ACS800-104/-104LC - inverter module

Ignoring the instructions can cause physical injury or death or damage the equipment. Otherwise, the contactor will be damaged. This is also, of course, the energy saving in percents. Precise operation of maritime winches is extremely difficult, involving low-speeds, high-torque and heavy vessels on floating water.

The floor that the unit is installed on should be of non-flammable material, as smooth as possible, and strong enough to support the weight of the unit. The supply modules are heavy and have a high center of gravity. The fuses are specified in Technical data. Setting up the supply unit control program Check the settings of the supply unit control program.

Flexibility to meet your cabinet assembly needs

ACS800-04 - single drive modules

Use separate conduits for input power, motor, brake resistors, and control wiring. When voltage is connected to the input terminals, voltage may also be connected to the auxiliary circuits of the drive unit s.

Read the Safety instructions on the first pages of this manual before you work on the unit. Refer to the appropriate Firmware manual of the drive application program.

The conversion factors are given in the end of this manual. Open the door of the incoming main switch-disconnector or main breaker cubicle. Release the door handle and open the door of the auxiliary control cubicle. Log in You can log in here.

Bond the conduits also to the drive enclosure. Please use for decimal symbol either comma or decimal point etc according you Excel settings. Calculate the maximum power P generated by the motor during braking. Each supply and inverter module has its own cooling fan.

If there is not enough working space behind the cabinet for mounting, replace the lifting lugs at the top with L-brackets not included and fasten the top of the cabinet to the wall. The location and dimensions of the busbars are visible in the dimensional drawings delivered with the drive, as well as the example drawings presented in chapter Dimensions. Avoid long parallel runs of motor cables with other cables in order to decrease electromagnetic interference caused by the rapid changes in the drive output voltage. Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Cable duct in the floor below the cabinet A cable duct can be constructed below the mm wide middle part of the cabinet.

The sheet is filled in by default values to help users to right away find the idea of worksheet. Installation Procedure Installation procedure See detailed instructions in the following few pages. Motors and drives in potentially explosive atmospheres - What you need to know.

If ignored, physical injury or death may follow, or damage may occur to the drive, the motor or driven equipment. For other motor types, see the Requirements table above. The panel can also be used for the set-up and monitoring of the supply unit. Be careful when manoeuvring the modules. Most data fields are populated with default values to help users.

Switch off the power to the unit and open the main disconnecting device. The cabinet weight lies on the two mm wide transverse sections which the floor must carry. It is used for controlling drive modules, inverter units, supply units, cooling units, brake units, etc.

The control method is selected from the drop-down list on the upper left part of the sheet. The cabling from all inverter modules to the motor must be physically identical considering cable type, cross-sectional area, and length.

Acs800 manual pdfAcs800 manual pdf

If using a pallet truck, check its load capacity before attempting to move the unit. Alternative Power Cable Types Alternative power cable types Power cable types that can be used with the drive are represented below.

ABB ACS800 User Manual