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The company has built a great brand name, they just have to maintain and enhance the same. Except packaging and warranty, all others are considered important in the decision making of online purchases. Were these valuations justified? Flipkart can venture into this space either by starting on its own or by merging with one of these firms.

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And also, with smart phones, tablets coming into picture, number of people who are going to use internet is going to get increased. Documents and computer hard drives were seized by the regulatory agency. It has strong brand value in India. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Project Mentor Prof.

Most of the students came to know about Flipkart through friends followed by television and online advertisements. How did you come to know about Flipkart? Wonderful information about Flipkart shopping, come copiare un file pdf in word that I have seen. Everything except for groceries and automobiles will be available on Flipkart in future.

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They are going for online purchases but this rate is less when compared to offline purchase. Likewise, traditional marketing forms such as television, radio, newspaper, magazines, etc. This publication may not be transmitted, photocopied, digitized or otherwise reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the copyright holder.

Those female who purchase, has a very less frequency which has remained unchanged. Some of the major challenges for online retailers are customer loyalty, trust, and education. AlwaysOftenOccasionallyRarelyNever How often does the product review influence your decision? Reproduction of this material is not covered under authorization by any reproduction rights organization. Please keep continue writing on this blog.

Promotional schemes influence more male students than female students to visit the website of Flipkart. Secondary data present on the websites.

Flipkart later pulled out. Here are some of the advertisements used by Flipkart in Newspapers and Magazines. So, these factors are negatively affecting online retail industry. The frequency of visit is still very less as most of the male students occasionally visit Flpikart while incase of female students it is rare. Flipkart being an online mega store advertises its products and the offers in different internet sites, screenshots of which are being shown below.


With online commerce sector going to boom in the coming years, online transactions are going to increase. Since online retail is going to boom in the coming years, it is necessary for this industry to have logistics support.

Instead of mainly focusing on customer acquisition, it should also focus on customer retention. With a much lesser cost you can advertise on the net for a wider range of audience and geographical locations. Since this industry is flooded with so many players, buyers are having lot of options to choose.

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Initially, it has started selling books online and later it has spread to offer many products. Complaints included seven-day workweeks, extended hours, lack of clean toilets and medical assistance for bike riders involved in accidents. To realize our dreams and that also in such a grand manner is really a tough task. Thus India has a tremendous internet growth and with the customers getting accustomed to e-commerce, the future of e-commerce sector is definitely rosy. Previously, when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he has implemented several policies and made Gujarat, one of the state in India, a vibrant state.

Big data and predictive analytics are going to play a big role in the future. For those five years, elected government will rule the country. Actions recommended to improve its position. This is indeed a massive growth. Since there were not any established players in the market, this allowed them a lot of space to grow, and they did in fact grew very rapidly.

As there is no distance between the reader and the story it seems that the reader actually undergoes all the emotions in the story himself, leading to increase in the trust factor. In this industry, suppliers are the manufacturers of finished products like Nike, Dell, Apple etc. This success can only be gained through satisfied customers who act as advocates for your products.

With the advent and penetration of internet and smart phones, future in retail belongs to online retail. Excessive focus on expanding customer base rather than pulling profits. To go further in the value chain, Flipkart is looking at associations with a larger number of suppliers and partners, both nationally and internationally.

Funding such growth was not easy. However, there were murmurs in industry and analyst circles that Flipkart was probably overvalued. But Flipkart still needs to work on their core competence that is books and stationery items. We take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of the many individuals who helped us make this project possible. Flipkart is a company founded in the year by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal.

Presently, above million people are using internet. The effectiveness of the commercials proves that the messages that Flipkart wanted to convey were very well presented and positioned into the prospects mind. Investor driven organization Or lack of Independent board. Hey, Wow all the posts are very informative for the people who visit this site. So, Flipkart should try to offer the products at lower prices.

Flipkart has not been into fashion and apparels business in online retail. Flipkart has categorically said that it will not be involved with the original site and will not use the brand name.