2007 Jeep Wrangler Service Manual Pdf

If zippers are difficult to operate due to road dust, etc. This vehicle has a higher ground clearance, higher center of gravity, and narrower track than many passenger cars.

For five more minutes of operation, press the ate the system for a few seconds to flush out the residual switch again. Damage to the catalytic converter can result if your vehicle is not kept in proper operating condition. Tuck the front retainer into the door frame slot. Always connect the chains to the frame or hook retainers of the vehicle hitch. The weight sensors measure the occupant and the door.


Ensure that the clips are properly located. The front airbags are certified to the Federal regulations that allow less forceful deployment. It can go places and perform tasks for which conventional two-wheel drive enclosed vehicles were not intended. Your engine oil filler cap shows the recommended engine oil viscosity for your vehicle. Vibration may be a result of tire and wheel out-of- balance.

To open, press the latch and lift cover. Cross the chains under the trailer tongue and allow enough slack for turning corners.

Jeep Wrangler - Owner s Manual - PDF ( Pages)


Indicates park- function check at vehicle start-up. Always depress the brake pedal first, before moving the gear selector out of P Park. Damage to the fuel system or emission control sys- tem could result from using an improper fuel tank If the gas cap is not tighten properly, the Malfunction filler cap gas cap.

Jeep Wrangler - Owner s Manual - PDF ( Pages)FEATURES AND BENEFITS

Consult with your hitch and trailer manufacturer or a reputable Recreational Vehicle dealer for additional information. This means that your which you can use prior to going to the test station.

Inspect the transfer case fluid, add as necessary. Do not add fluid until the temperature is elevated enough to produce an accurate reading. Close flip-up window before swing gate hard top models only. You can select window demist outlets with a small amount either a primary mode, as identified by the symbols, or a through the defrost outlet. Attach front of side bar to windshield frame.

If your foot is not firmly on the brake pedal, the vehicle could accelerate quickly forward or in reverse. The current variance value will also be displayed. If the light does not come on If Equipped during starting, have the system checked by an autho- This light informs you of a problem with the rized dealer.

Automobile Jeep Liberty Owner's Manual pages. Also See for Wrangler Owner's manual - pages. Also See for wrangler Owner's manual - pages. When parking your vehicle, competency based management pdf always leave a manual transmission in first gear and apply the parking brake fully to guard against vehicle movement and possible injury or damage. Manual Transmission Depressing the clutch pedal will disengage the speed control.

Not re- quired if previously replaced. Windshield Wiper Blades Clean the rubber edges of the wiper blades and the windshield periodically with a sponge or soft cloth and a mild non-abrasive cleaner.

Owner s Manual

Unlatch the header panel latch located at the top of the windshield. Towing any trailer will increase your stopping dis- tance. Make sure storage cap is installed to prevent foreign materials from entering tube and clogging system. Using a rubber mallet, carefully tap the knuckles from the left and right metal pivot brackets. Keep this in mind important.

In such cases, use the menu button on the remote control to select desired title to play. Set the door frame pin into the hole on top of the body side, behind the door opening. The minutes will begin to blink. Standing on the side of the vehicle, lift the top by the side bow until it rests on the windshield frame.

Overloading can cause tire failure, affect vehicle handling, and increase your stopping distance. They will turn off when the vehicle is turned off or when the headlights are switched on. Inside The Vehicle side curtains are also open.

2007 Jeep Wrangler - Owner s Manual (467 pages)

Programming Additional Transmitters Vehicles will be shipped from the assembly plants with two key fob transmitters programmed only for that vehicle. Ensure plastic retainer is tucked in properly at B-pillar not pinching seal. Replacing original tires with tires of a different size may result in false speedometer and odometer read- ings. If you turned the wheel to the right to engage the lock, you must turn the wheel slightly to the right to disengage it.


The rear storage compartment latch should not be used as cargo tie-down. This will prevent carbon monoxide and other poisonous exhaust gases from entering the vehicle.